Chick-Fil-A Advertisement Poster

Project Name: Chick-Fil-A Advertisement

The Goal

Create a print advertisement for a food product that includes the name and information of the product, where the product can be bought, and an image of the product. Advertisement must use the CMYK color space.

The Process

The primary focus involved following the branding guidelines of Chick-Fil-A and implementing the contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity elements of design.

For contrast, yellow and blue colors were used because they differed dramatically from the official logo in red. It makes the logo, and thus the brand, the centerpiece of the project. Yellow and blue also complement each other on the color wheel. Yellow was an obvious choice because of the lemonade, and blue just really meshed well and brought it all together. A gray gradient was chosen for the background so the eye would be drawn directly to the content.

In terms of repetition and alignment, the same colors were used to keep with the same theme; all of the information feels like a cohesive unit. The placement of the various elements was highly experimented with, as everything could not just be centered. By right-aligning the lemonade image and placing the calorie facts a bit off, the ad is a little more interesting to look at.

Lastly, for proximity, related items were grouped together, which in this case, was the calorie information, so you can clearly see the relationship between the two.

The Challenges

Following branding guidelines and the elements of design to create an aesthetically pleasing end result.