Perfume Packaging

Project Name: Perfume Packaging

The Goal

Create packaging for a food or cosmetic / toiletry product showcasing Adobe Indesign skills and graphic design fundamentals. All panels of the box must have an exterior design and use CMYK color space.

The Process

Knowing that I wanted to create perfume packaging, I imagined a very clean, elegant and mature box. Many perfume boxes and packages are very flashy and in your face. By creating a box that utilized white space instead of condemning it, the effect is that the clean package is the one that stands out from the hoard of busy packages.

The scent, titled "Hummingbird" in both English and Japanese, adds even more elegance to the package. Simple but sophisticated graphics were added throughout the package for repetition. This design was complete with a barcode, brand, and ingredients.

The Challenges

Orienting design on panels and assembling the physical package correctly.