Arizona Tourism Brochure

Project Name: Arizona Tourism Brochure

The Goal

Create a Z-Fold brochure for the Arizona Office of Tourism. Demonstrate effective use of typography, preflight techniques, and the ability to work within brand style guidelines. Brochure must use CMYK color space.

The Process

The primary focus involved following the branding guidelines of the Arizona Office of Tourism and making an informational and aesthetically pleasing brochure.

Arizona Office of Tourism Brochure Arizona Office of Tourism Brochure Back

It was important to showcase the beautiful sights of Arizona as a picture can be worth a thousand words. The vivid imagery not only matched the Arizona Office of Tourism logo color scheme, but also immediately grabs your attention.

To complement the images, descriptive text that discusses why Arizona is a must-see, what you can do there, and how to plan your visit was added. The burnt orange color was repeated throughout the brochure to make a cohesive design that matched the company's branding and the rich tones of Arizona's red rocks. Small design elements add that extra something and bring it all together.

The Challenges

Orienting design on pages correctly, following brand guidelines.